The beauty and grief of change

“The best is yet to come”

How are you? I hope you are well and that life is being kind to you. I personally am experiencing a seismic shift as various parts of my life and my relationships change.
Some of these changes have been planned for quite some time. My husband and I made the decision to move interstate to the Gold Coast back in April of 2021. But with only 60 days until we officially move there is a lot to do and many changes to prepare for. Yes, I am a master of organisation and run a lifestyle management company so the ‘doing’ isn’t necessarily the hard part. However, after 13 years in Melbourne moving to the Gold Coast is a major transition for us.

I’ve spent the last month in deep reflection as I’ve said goodbye to some of the constants in my life. There are things winding up and changing all around me, but the significant change, other than our move, is my eldest son becoming an adult and soon moving out of our home to live independently.

Most of you may not know, but I moved to Melbourne for my son. It was an opportunity for him to be closer to his father after we separated, and it was the best decision for the two of us at the time. What came soon after were many difficult years as he and I navigated shared care arrangements with his father. In addition to that, I was supporting my son through his neurodivergent diagnosis, something that would shape who I am as a parent, and in turn how I show up as a human in our community.

I recently shared stories with a friend about the challenges my son had when he was younger, and how those little challenges turned into bigger challenges as he reached the peak of his teen years. For those of you who have read my memoir, you will know the Walk Beside Me chapter shares a story of this point in time and how this concept of walking beside is vital not only in how I request to be supported as a survivor but also how I choose to show up for the people in my life that I care for.

Today, as I write this, I am experiencing the beauty and grief of a goodbye. I’m preparing to say goodbye to my boy and welcome the new relationship I will have with the young man he has become. I already miss him terribly and I’m so proud of the man he is today. He’s already doing so much more than what I had hoped for him and because of the work we have done together, I can already see the cycles we have broken and the changes we have made for his future and the future of the people he will love one day.

Change is hard, as is saying goodbye. But I know that today we are exactly where we need to be, and I truly believe that the best is yet to come.


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