Join Caroline as she hosts the She Inspires Me Podcast amplifying the voices of the incredible women in our lives that inspire us and remind us that anything is possible. ​

Season 2

Episode 1​

Hetty Johnston: A passionate and determined crusader on a mission to make Australia the safest place in the world to raise a child

Episode 2

Megan Jaworski: A mindful leader using education and purpose to make a difference in the world

Episode 3

Dharshi Harinda: An expert in technology, media and privacy law tackling the challenges of diversity and inclusion in the corporate world.

Episode 4

Lara Scolari: An artist full of depth, expression and contemplation

Episode 5

Sophie Storen: the passionate founder of Cookes Food who brings energy, precision and a unique approach to the food experience with her culinary delights

Episode 6

Brigitte Warne: A woman with a passion for fostering a more ‘age-positive’ culture, both in Australia and overseas

Episode 7

Mayase Jere: A human-centred Technologist making education accessible to every child and increasing the leadership of women in STEM

Episode 8

Dr Jodi Richardson: Professional speaker, author and wellbeing educator who is helping people dial down anxiety and move forward to do everything that’s important to them

Episode 9

Lauren Oliver: A woman dedicated to empowering mothers, building community and changing lives

Episode 10

Maritza Barone: A woman of many talents whose goal is to elevate people in the world, who are pushing humanity forward - through the content she creates and is involved in

Episode 11

Hala Abdelnour: A woman who has dedicated her career to supporting individuals and families who are experiencing various hardships, including family violence

Episode 12

Nikki Hind: The founder of Blind Grit, single mother of two BRILLIANT boys & Australia’s first legally blind fashion designer

Episode 13

Melissa Martin: A woman with a rockstar paralegal past who now spends her days working as a photographer creating images for ambitious leaders and business owners

Episode 14

Rebecca Tapp: A CEO, creator and changemaker, who is assisting leaders to unlock ancient intuitive wisdom with a focus on navigating the future

Episode 15

Kerry Cooke: A woman of many skills who juggles different roles and loves. Kerry embraces that she is not an anything, but at the same time she is an everything - an important lesson in life, the letting go of being a “something”, and allowing her life to be more fluid

Episode 16

Sharon Green: Founding editor of SHE DEFINED, a digital lifestyle publication for smart, savvy women who are in search of more

Episode 17

Jaqui O’Donohoe: A woman who lives a life of adventure, who has a goal is to inspire a little adventure in all of us

Episode 18

Amanda Hodgson: A woman on a quest to #bebetter, Amanda works as a performance coach where she hacks human potential and elevates performance

Episode 19

Tina Tower: A seasoned businesswoman on a mission to help 100 women build a $1 million a year business by 2025

Episode 20

Christine Teo: A senior government advisor, social worker, entrepreneur, human rights advocate, policy writer, educator, visionary, and public speaker using her time on this earth to make a significant difference in the space of human trafficking and child safety